About MK4 Canada

MK4 Canada came to being as a result of the partnership between the trusted and reputed Canadian DCL Construction and MK4 Europe, a global supplier of specialized equipment. Since the establishment of MK4 Canada, it has continued to surpass quality expectations and it brings feasible solutions to the Canadian construction industry.

MK4 Canada is a full-service bridge construction service company. We combine international engineering expertise and EU-standard specialized components into exceptional structures, thereby exceeding customers’ expectations at every point in time.

  • On-schedule construction

    On-schedule construction

    At MK4 Canada, we parade competent, qualified, and well-trained engineers and builders. Our priority is to meet your schedule and exceed your expectations. Our services are top-notch and in line with global best practices.
  • Collaborative and inclusive methodology

    Collaborative and inclusive methodology

    Every project is unique in design. At MK4 Canada, our highly-skilled structural and bridge engineers will involve you in concept development and ensure that every bit and bolt in your project meets your specific needs.
  • Reliable and accredited partner

    Reliable and accredited partner

    Backed by locally-accredited DCL Constructions and globally-recognized MK4, MK4 Canada offers a guarantee on long-lasting, strong structures bound to withstand heavy loads, and close inspection. We strike to always exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Long-lasting quality guarantee

    Long-lasting quality guarantee

    All the bridge components are supplied by MK4, hence; it guarantees exceptional execution of the most complex projects.
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  • MK4 put in practice a constant improvement of
    the quality system that meets the requirements of

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  • Over 35 years of expertise combined to bridge Canada together.

    Over 35 years of expertise combined to bridge Canada together.

    Working on a wide range of structures and adopting international design codes in new, enhanced innovative methods with high-quality, durable components.
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  • Why MK4 Canada!

    Innovative technology

    At MK4 Canada, our technology is highly innovative and importes from Europe. This ensures the delivery of only standard and quality projects that would stand the taste of time.

    On-Time Delivery

    We are different from other establishment. Our engineers and builders strive to deliver projects on time and within your specified budget.

    Competent Team

    We realise that Human Resources is the greatest assets any organization can pride of. At MK4 Canada, we don't just recruit competent, qualified, and well-trained employees, we also strive to train and re-retain our team members.

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